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: autumn tree applique

Volkova Valeria

Application “Autumn tree”

Rice applique
Autumn tree

The goal is to develop fine motor skills. Strengthening the skills of holding a brush. Development of higher mental functions (thinking, attention, fantasy)

Objectives – to consolidate the ability to use a brush and pencil. Develop a child’s imagination.


1. Sheet of paper (can be cardboard)

2. Gouache (paints)

3. Rice

4. Simple pencil

5. Brush (for gouache and glue)

6. PVA glue (liquid)

Age group

Preparatory – (draw the picture themselves – to develop imagination and the ability to hold a pencil correctly)

Senior/intermediate – (prepare drawing)

Аппликация «Осеннее дерево»

1) On paper draw a tree
, clouds, sun and meadow, you can also add something of your own (picture No. 2.)

2) Then apply glue with a brush, sprinkle with rice, then let dry for about 10 minutes (picture No. 3.)

3) After it has dried, paint as your imagination dictates, let the gouache (paint) dry

And your painting is ready!

: lesson notes on applique in the first group of early age “autumn trees”

Asiyat Khalinova

Summary of a lesson on appliqué in the first early age group “Autumn Trees”

Lesson summary on application in the first group of early age

« Autumn trees


• teach children to tear (napkin)
and crumple it (in a lump, stick them on a sheet of paper)

• develop a sense of color and composition

• consolidate knowledge of colors (yellow, red, orange and green)

• develop thinking, memory

• develop fine motor skills

• cultivate a love of nature, a respectful attitude towards others.

• cultivate neatness.

Preliminary work

Examination of illustrations of autumn themes
, observations on a walk behind trees
and their leaf color.

Equipment and materials

sheet of white cardboard with glued trunk tree
; paper napkins
: green, red, yellow, orange; PVA glue; brushes; saucers for glue; wet wipes; oilcloth; finished product – made in advance, a bouquet of leaves.

(children sitting on chairs)

: Hello guys! Look out the window, how beautiful it is outside! The sun is shining brightly and while I was walking to you today, I saw many beautiful trees
with unusual colors, multi-colored leaves! And I brought you a surprise! (Shows a large colorful bouquet of leaves)

Poem « Autumn

If the leaves on trees have turned yellow

If the birds flew to a distant land,

If the sky is gloomy, if it rains,

This time of year is called autumn

: Guys, let’s remember
: What time of year is it now?

Children’s answers…

: Leaves on trees change color
. (Shows a bouquet of leaves)
. Well, tell me, what color are the leaves in my bouquet?

Children’s answers…

: Right! Today I invite you to become wizards and make beautiful autumn trees yourself
. Now let’s play and stretch our fingers.

Finger game « Autumn

The wind flew through the forest, (Smooth, wave-like movements of the palms)

The wind counted the leaves

Here is an oak one, (Bend one finger on both hands)

Here’s a maple one,

Here is a carved rowan,

Here is a golden one from a birch tree,

Here is the last leaf from the aspen tree (Calmly place your palms on your knees)

The wind threw it onto the path.

: And now you and I will begin to conjure. Look what’s in my hands? (Shows the trunk of a tree on cardboard


Children’s answers…

: What is missing on our tree

Children’s answers…

: Correct, autumn
colorful leaves. Now, you and I, will dress up our trees
. (The teacher shows the method of work)

The teacher invites the children to go to the table with the working material. Children, with the help of a teacher, do their work. At the end of the work, wipe your hands with wet wipes.

: Look what we got!

Children’s answers…

: Well done boys! I like it very much! You are real wizards! Our activity
It’s over and we need to go wash our hands.

: master class on making an “autumn tree” applique from yarn and cardboard

Natalya Plakhteeva

Master class on making an “Autumn Tree” applique from yarn and cardboard

Мастер-класс по изготовлению аппликации «Осеннее дерево» из пряжи и картона

The material will be of interest to additional education teachers, educators and creative parents of children of preschool and primary school age.


Golden autumn has arrived and brought with it many bright ideas and materials for creative activity.

This is a natural material: autumn leaves in yellow, orange, red, burgundy, brown, acorns, grass, flowers and much more.

These are materials that can be found at home – cardboard, paper, napkins, fabric, threads, ribbons, sequins, beads of autumn colors and much more.

Such a wide variety of materials for creative activities allows you to bring new and interesting ideas to life.

For educators and creative parents, it will be exciting to create various collages, panels, postcards or other crafts on an autumn theme.

As preparatory work, it would be very good to organize targeted walks in kindergarten, and for parents to go with their children to a public garden, a park, go out into nature and draw the children’s attention to what autumn nature looks like – trees, shrubs, grass, especially , if golden autumn has already arrived.

And then preschool children can be asked to make the composition “Autumn Tree” from threads of autumn flowers.


The sizes of the composition can be different – small, then it will be a small postcard and it can be presented to family or friends for a birthday or other holiday.

The dimensions can be large – then you will get a wonderful panel that will decorate the wall of a music room or a group room in a kindergarten, a living room in a house where the whole family gathers, relatives and friends meet.

The application can also be used as an original exhibit for autumn competitions and exhibitions in kindergarten.

continue to introduce children to different materials for creative activities when depicting trees in the fall.


– develop fine motor skills while working with scissors and threads;

– cultivate accuracy when engaging in creative activities;

– instill in children a love for the surrounding nature, express their emotions and

impressions in creative activity.

Materials used:

– threads of red, yellow, orange, green, burgundy and brown


– scissors;

– white cardboard for the base;

– dark brown cardboard;

– decorative paper from flower packaging;

– glue.

Manufacturing method

Prepare the base for the composition. This can be white or colored cardboard, as well as the bottom of a box of chocolates (an excellent example of instilling in a child the basics of environmental culture).

Autumn trees using applique technique - About paper .net

You can find a contrasting color, but in autumn tones, a sheet of colored paper or a sheet of an advertising magazine of a suitable color

Autumn trees using applique technique - About paper .net

To depict a tree trunk, you can take a sheet of packaging from a bouquet of flowers and thick cardboard, or even corrugated cardboard, which is no longer needed on the farm, but very suitable in design. Then the tree trunk will look more prominent

Autumn trees using applique technique - About paper .net

Make several small pom-poms from threads of autumn flowers. Do not throw away cut threads – they will also come in handy

Autumn trees using applique technique - About paper .net

Glue the finished tree trunk onto the base

Autumn trees using applique technique - About paper .net

To depict the crown of a tree, arrange multi-colored pom-poms, alternating the colors of golden autumn. Then carefully glue them

Autumn trees using applique technique - About paper .net

Complete the composition with cut multi-colored threads that imitate leaves falling from a tree and already fallen autumn leaves

Autumn trees using applique technique - About paper .net

Decorate the frame of the composition with colored markers

Autumn trees using applique technique - About paper .net

Glue the resulting composition onto a contrasting background

Autumn trees using applique technique - About paper .net

: master class on three-dimensional applique from colored paper “extraordinary tree”

Novikova Natalya

Master class on three-dimensional applique made of colored paper “Unusual Tree”

Master class on three-dimensional applique made of colored paper “An Extraordinary Tree”

Мастер-класс по объемной аппликации из цветной бумаги «Необыкновенное дерево»

Applications made from colored paper are a creative process through which children learn about the world around them and acquire many skills. In addition to the development of fine motor skills of the hands, this includes coordination of movements, the study of colors and their combinations, the concept of composition, familiarity with various materials and textures, the development of observation, imagination and fantasy.

I offer a master class on making a three-dimensional applique from colored paper “An Extraordinary Tree” for children of senior preschool age together with a teacher, which is easy to make according to the proposed instructions with a photo.

Materials for master class: k
pale green arton, colored paper, scissors, glue, pencil.

Autumn trees using applique technique - About paper .net

Stages of the master class.

We choose a background for our application – pale green cardboard.

Autumn trees using applique technique - About paper .net

1. Cut out a tree from colored paper and make blanks for leaves, cutting sheets A 4 in half.

Autumn trees using applique technique - About paper .net

2. Glue the tree.

Autumn trees using applique technique - About paper .net

3. We fold each piece for the leaves like an accordion.

Autumn trees using applique technique - About paper .net

4. Then bend them in half.

Autumn trees using applique technique - About paper .net

5. We make weed in the same way.

Autumn trees using applique technique - About paper .net

6. Fold like an accordion and then in half.

Autumn trees using applique technique - About paper .net

7. Glue the resulting parts together.

Autumn trees using applique technique - About paper .net

8. We begin to assemble our extraordinary tree.

Autumn trees using applique technique - About paper .net

9. The tree crown is ready.

Autumn trees using applique technique - About paper .net

10. Then glue the grass.

Autumn trees using applique technique - About paper .net

The application is ready!

Thank you very much for your support! Creative success!

“Autumn tree” applique made of autumn leaves

For work you will need:

  • autumn leaves,
  • cardboard with a tree silhouette,
  • glue.

It is advisable to use bright colors of cardboard, so the tree will be more noticeable.

Autumn trees using applique technique - About paper .net
photo 3

For work, you need to select beautiful and undamaged dry leaves. They are cut into strips. To continue the task of appliquing autumn leaves, you need to prepare glue and a brush. The branches of the tree are coated with a brush. Dry leaves are placed on these branches. All that remains is to let the work dry.

Autumn trees using applique technique - About paper .net
photo 4

“Autumn tree” applique made from pumpkin seeds

In order to create this work, you will need:

  • sheet of cardboard
  • paints
  • glue
  • pumpkin seeds
  • tree stencil

The first step is to create the autumn leaves. This application involves the use of pumpkin seeds, which are previously painted in different colors. It is advisable to use yellow, orange and red colors.

Autumn trees using applique technique - About paper .net
photo 1

Coloring can be done with both paints and felt-tip pens. On a sheet of paper you need to draw a barrel with paint or use a stencil. Then the work will be more accurate. Now all that remains is to glue the leaves to the tree.

Autumn trees using applique technique - About paper .net
photo 2

The work is ready.

Application “autumn tree” made of colored paper

To prepare such a funny applique, you need the following materials:

  • colored paper
  • cardboard
  • glue
  • disposable cardboard plate

First you need to take colored paper and tear it into small pieces. If you perform a cutting appliqué on an autumn tree, this significantly improves fine motor skills. Next, a disposable cardboard plate is greased with glue. Colored paper should be glued randomly onto it. This will be the crown of the tree.

Autumn trees using applique technique - About paper .net
photo 5

Now you need to cut a rectangular piece of colored paper. This will create a tree trunk.

Autumn trees using applique technique - About paper .net
photo 6

To make the work more beautiful, you can draw dark stripes on the tree trunk with a marker. After this, the finished parts are glued onto cardboard. This kind of work turns out to be voluminous and quite interesting.

Autumn trees using applique technique - About paper .net
photo 7

Application “autumn tree” on the window

This work is relevant as window decoration in a school or kindergarten. To create crafts you need:

  • double-sided colored paper
  • scissors
  • paper
  • paints
  • soap solution
Autumn trees using applique technique - About paper .net
photo 8

You need to cut out a tree trunk and branches from colored paper. Next, glue the workpiece to the window using a soap solution. Now you need to make tree leaves from ordinary paper. The leaves are painted with watercolor paint.

Autumn trees using applique technique - About paper .net
photo 9

Leaves are also glued using a soap solution.

Three-dimensional applique “autumn tree”

This application will appeal to children of any age. It is very simple, but at the same time unusual. To work you need:

  • paper bag
  • glue
  • colored paper
  • scissors

The top of the paper bag is cut into thin strips. After this, the bag itself and each strip are rolled up separately. These will be the branches and trunk of the future tree. All that remains is to cut the tree trunk to the very root and use glue to connect it to a sheet of cardboard.

Autumn trees using applique technique - About paper .net
photo 10

All that remains is to decorate the tree with autumn leaves. They are made from colored paper in yellow, orange and red colors. The finished work must be left until completely dry. After that, it can become decor in any room. It is also used as a gift for a loved one.

Corrugated paper trees

Add a little magic – make a forest with trees from corrugated paper with your own hands.

деревья из гофрированной бумаги

These paper trees are so fun, just right for cute Christmas decorations

. Except corrugated paper
you will need wooden popsicle sticks and some thin wire. деревья из гофрированной бумаги

For stands you can use wine bottle caps
, and if not, just make a base out of cardboard. деревья из гофрированной бумаги

деревья из гофрированной бумаги

An amazing forest miracle awaits!

Other ideas

Applique can be not only on paper. To decorate school classrooms before the autumn holiday, appliqué on window glass is used. In this case, it is necessary to cut out the trunk and branches of a tree from double-sided colored paper and glue it to the window using a concentrated soap solution.

Maple leaves are cut from construction paper in red, yellow and orange.

But leaves painted with watercolors look more impressive – in this case you can create transitions of shades from yellow to orange, and from orange to red.

They are also fixed to soap.

An unusual tree can be made from coffee and corn flakes. To create such a craft, you can involve children from a very early age; even a one-year-old baby can handle it. Draw a template on paper and then divide the responsibilities.

The main thing is to make sure that the powder does not end up in the child’s mouth.

An unusual technique for creating autumn crafts is plasticineography. This is a useful technique – it not only develops the baby’s imagination, but also prepares his hand for writing and improves fine motor skills. To create a drawing from plasticine, you need to draw the outline of a tree on paper, then take a piece of modeling mass and smear it along the contours with strong movements.

With some imagination, you can use any other available materials to create a tree – peas, millet and even pasta.

Another way to create a “Tree” applique from dry leaves is presented in the following video.

Crepe paper Christmas tree

It is very beautiful to use crepe paper to make realistic and textured plant components, so here is an option on how to make a paper tree from crepe paper.

елка из крепированной бумаги

This is one of those 30 minute projects that is a great activity for everyone in the family. The most time-consuming step will be trimming the leaves
, well, you’ll have to tinker a little to glue them. The template has three leaf sizes
. The basic technique is to start at the bottom of the cone with the largest leaves and then work your way up to the top. Take a look at the step-by-step photos in the collage
, everything is very simple. елка из крепированной бумаги

When done, use paper trees

for decorating a mantel or tables.

From dyed rice and pumpkin seeds

It is better to use acrylic paints, because they do not paint your hands while working, like gouache. You can also use safer food colorings.

The cereal is easy to husk. Dry rice (any kind) is poured into a deep container; there is no need to rinse it in advance.
If it is food coloring, then it is diluted separately in a small amount of water. Pour it into the rice and mix thoroughly. Leave for a while so that the dye is absorbed.

Then the baking tray is covered with baking paper and rice is poured onto it. You can dry it naturally in the room or use the oven (150-200 degrees). The rice is ready when it becomes crumbly.

If you use gouache or acrylic, then the rice is poured into a packaging bag (without holes), paint is added there, everything is thoroughly mixed. For 1 cup of rice, approximately 1 tsp. paint, you can dilute it slightly with water if the consistency is too thick.
As soon as the cereal is well colored, pour it onto a baking sheet in an even layer and leave to dry naturally.

Now you can start applique.
Make a model – a tree trunk on cardboard. Then mark the boundaries of the crown with a simple pencil. Grease the cardboard generously with PVA glue and pour in the rice, carefully distributing it. Wait until completely dry. Afterwards, you can lift the shelf to brush away excess grains.

This DIY craft is suitable for schoolchildren, for an exhibition on the theme of autumn made from natural materials, if there are no gifts from the forest at hand.

Making from cotton pads

Cotton pads are used instead of crown paper. Since they are white, they must first be painted in bright autumn colors and dried well.

To work you will need:

  • thick light cardboard (background);
  • brown construction paper or marker;
  • PVA glue;
  • cotton pads;
  • watercolor or gouache;
  • brushes or pipette.

First you need to prepare cotton pads. To do this, they are painted with brushes and paints. Cotton wool perfectly absorbs moisture, so just dripping colored water on them is enough. Therefore, instead of brushes, you can use a pipette, and tint the water in advance, but so that the color is concentrated.

Leaves with streaks look original.
To do this, first apply yellow paint (1-2 drops) to the disk, and then add red. Beautiful stains form along the boundaries of the drops.

Then the cotton pads must be dried thoroughly.
It’s better to leave them on the table overnight. And under no circumstances should you place it on a heater, as the device or battery will also become stained.

Now you can start making wood. First, a tree trunk is cut out of brown paper and glued to the background. Then the leaves are glued on.

How to make creepy paper trees for Halloween

сделать деревья из бумаги

Looking for simple Halloween decorations? These creepy 3D paper trees

very easy to make. Especially with a cutting machine! To work you will need black paper, one sheet for each tree. Below is a link where you can go to the site to download the template
, required for these 3D trees. Cut the wood according to the template using a cutting machine (recommended) or a paper cutter.

Note. The cutouts in the trees to connect the pieces are for cardboard. If you adjust the size of the design, the pieces may not fit together properly. How to make paper trees is shown in the collage below.

сделать деревья из бумаги

As you can see, it’s very simple. сделать деревья из бумаги

сделать деревья из бумаги

If you like it, make a whole forest of creepy trees.

Master class for children. 3D paper applique – “autumn birch tree”.

Мастер-класс по объемной аппликации из бумаги «Осенняя берёзка»

How beautiful birch trees look in the fall. This is real Russian

beauty, decoration of squares, parks, groves. The tremulous tree has a thin

white trunk with black spots, beautiful crown.

Today we will make a three-dimensional paper applique. Applications

are among the easiest paper crafts. It would seem, what’s so complicated

or something new can be invented by simply gluing colorful pieces

paper forming a pattern. A completely different matter is volumetric applique. She

looks so beautiful, seems much more difficult to make than

actually exists.

Goal: making crafts from colored paper with your own hands


– development of fine motor skills;

– teach independence;

– develop imagination, accuracy, diligence;

– arouse interest in making crafts.


– colored paper;

– white, colored cardboard

– a simple pencil;

– ruler;

– glue pencil;

– scissors;

– black marker.

Autumn trees using applique technique - About paper .net

Description of work:

Before starting work, be sure to remember the safety instructions when working with scissors:

1. Scissors are always stored in a special case or box;

2. You cannot hold scissors with the blade up, poke or wave them;

3. The scissors must be passed strictly with the blades closed and the rings strictly forward;

4. Do not cut while walking;

5. While working with scissors, do not approach your friend;

6. When working, make sure that the fingers of your left hand are to the side when holding the paper, and watch the cutting angle.

After that, let’s start making crafts!

Autumn trees using applique technique - About paper .net

We take blue colored paper, this is our base.

Autumn trees using applique technique - About paper .net

Now we need to make the tree trunks.

To do this, take white paper, using a ruler and pencil,

set aside from the edge (from the one that is longer) 2.5 cm

Then, we cut off what we measured and fold the resulting workpiece

in half and cut along the fold line, you get two identical blanks,

fold each of them in half.

Then we cut along the fold line, we get 4 identical cavities.

Autumn trees using applique technique - About paper .net

Now we take one strip and a marker, wrap the marker in a white strip and, using glue – a pencil, glue the “beginning” and “end” of the strip, after gluing, take out the marker.

In this way we glue all the remaining strips.

Now, take our base, place the “birch tree trunks” and glue them with glue.

After the birch trunks are ready, you can begin to make branches in the same way as trunks.

Autumn trees using applique technique - About paper .net

Take a black marker and apply black horizontal stripes on the trunks – lentils, you can add them to the branches.

Autumn trees using applique technique - About paper .net

Take yellow, orange, green sheets of paper and cut them into strips,

1.5 – 2 centimeters wide. When the set of strips is ready, then

fold them in half and cut them. Using scissors, we make curls from the strips. These will be birch leaves.

Autumn trees using applique technique - About paper .net

We begin to glue the curls to the top of the trunks.

Autumn trees using applique technique - About paper .net

The work is almost ready, let’s move on to making fallen leaves.

To do this, take yellow, orange paper, cut it into rectangles, and use the method of tearing the paper to make leaves.

Glue the leaves onto the clearing base.

Autumn trees using applique technique - About paper .net

The craft is ready! “How beautiful birch trees are in autumn!”

Autumn trees using applique technique - About paper .net

DIY paper tree craft

поделка дерево из бумаги своими руками

While doing crafts with your children, teach them how to make a paper tree

for all seasons of the year. You can make a 3D paper tree model
using templates. For these crafts you will need brown cardboard, applique paper – choose colors for each season. Creasing tool (for example, a dull plastic knife, a ballpoint pen). Of course, scissors and glue. Cut out templates and assemble paper trees

, as shown in the step-by-step photos.

If you need instructions, you can read them on the website. 3D paper trees are a great accent for a diorama. The leafless tree is a wonderful addition to a winter diorama. Paint the tree trunk with white streaks to represent snow.

поделка дерево из бумаги своими руками

To imitate snowy ground, glue white fabric to the base of the diorama. Use lightweight paper
so that the branches do not sag from the weight of the leaves. To create several sheets at once, cut a strip of paper
. The width of the strip determines the width of the sheet. Then fold the strip in half several times until the fold height reaches the desired length of the sheet. After this, fold the paper in half lengthwise again and cut out a half-shape along the folded edge.

We recommend watching:

Autumn trees using applique technique - About paper .net
Papier mache “Gifts of Autumn” for older preschoolers

Autumn trees using applique technique - About paper .net
DIY crown of autumn leaves. Master class with photos

Autumn trees using applique technique - About paper .net
Puzzle application for children on the theme: Autumn

Autumn trees using applique technique - About paper .net
Application of autumn leaves for children of the preparatory group

Paper pine

сосна из бумаги

This simple project only requires a few materials – the main thing you need is Floral Wire
20 gauge 0.8 mm. And of course, a small amount of corrugated paper
to make needles. When you have all the materials, you can start working.

  1. Start by printing a template to use as a guide for cutting your crepe paper.
  2. Then rotate the needles as shown in the step-by-step photo tutorial.
  3. Then wrap the needles around the floral wire and secure with hot glue.

You can make your crepe paper pine trees as voluminous as pictured or as sparse as you want!

сосна из бумаги

To finish you can add cute Autumn trees using applique technique - About paper .net little bells

with a thin green ribbon. This project is great for Christmas decor, although it can be used as a decoration any time of year.