A real book with your own hands at home

Creative people always want to try something new. A handmade gift is always associated with love and warmth. We suggest you make a book or diary to write with your own hands. Like a book, you can organize printed recipes or hand-made diagrams. Most likely, you will be so involved in the process that you will not stop at one point. We encourage you to try different versions of the books. You can involve children in the work; they will enjoy the process of working with paper.

как сделать книгу из листа А4

Materials for making a book

To make any version of the book, we will need:

  • Thick smooth or colored cardboard for making a cover.
  • Decorations for sheets and covers: various thematic stickers, beads, pencils, multi-colored pens.
  • Sheets for book pages. These can be either simple sheets for printing or colored ones.
  • Auxiliary items: pencil, ruler, glue, stapler, needle, thread.

In scrapbooking stores you can find whole sets of thematic pages for various books and notebooks, jewelry, decorative stamps and much more.

самодельная книга

The simplest book

The simplest version of a notebook. Difficulty level – suitable for children.

To make the book brighter and more colorful, we will need multi-colored sheets.

Step 1. Fold a piece of paper into 8 parts. Make a neat fold and secure it. When you have made all the folds, unfold the paper. Now the sheet is divided into 8 rectangles – these are the future pages of the book.

Step 2. Place the paper vertically and fold it in the center: the fold of the paper is at the bottom. Using scissors, make a vertical cut through the fold from bottom to top. Unfold the sheet and place it horizontally.

Step 3. Fold the sheet in half horizontally, cutting along the fold line. We take our workpiece in our hands and press the left and right sides against each other – the cutting line at this time diverges to the sides, forming pages.

Step 4. The pages of the book are formed. To hold them together, they can be stapled or stitched with a needle.

The simplest book is ready. This small book format is suitable for recording telephone numbers.

как сделать книгу своими руками без бумаги
как сделать книгу своими руками

You can create such a book in a larger format. To do this, we will need colored sheets to make the pages of our book stand out. Depending on the page size, you need to take the required number of sheets.

Step 1. Fold our paper in half. If the future page size suits you, proceed to the next step. The number of such spaces depends on the desired number of pages. We stack the blanks on top of each other – no more than 4 pieces. If you insert a large number of sheets, the edges of the future book will swell and will not look clean. For example, if you created 20 blank pages, divide them into 5 blocks. Blocks can be of different colors. We carefully connect each block with a stapler. To keep the staples of the stapler from sticking out too much, offset them in each block so that when you connect the staples, they don’t fall on top of each other.

Step 2. Now we need to combine our blocks into one book. The easiest way is to stack the blocks evenly on top of each other and cover them with electrical tape or colored tape.

как сделать бумажную книгу
как сделать бумажную книгу

Book using origami technique

Step 1. We need to cut a piece of paper horizontally into 3 equal parts. The height of each stripe is the desired height for our book.

Step 2: Form the pages of the book. To do this, fold a strip of paper in half, marking the center of the sheet with the fold. We straighten the paper. Now you need to divide each half of the strip into 3 equal parts. Do this using a ruler. Make fixed accordion folds – you should get 6 pages. Do the same with the remaining stripes.

Step 3. We connect our blanks. To do this, fold the edge of one part into the fold of another. For fixation we use glue – a pencil. Add the third piece in the same way. You can create any number of book blanks and combine them into one large accordion. The pages of the book are ready.

Step 4: Make a book cover. Take a piece of paper and fold it horizontally. We straighten the sheet. We bend the upper and lower edges of the sheet towards the center, stepping back from the central fold by a few millimeters. We have an empty space for the cover – now we need to mark and fold at the attachment points – cover for the first page, fold for the book, cover for the last page. To begin, place the first page of the book in the resulting tunnel and mark with a pencil where the page ends. Make a fold along the mark. We make another fold at the beginning of the spine. We insert blank pages to calculate the width of the spine. We make part of the cover of the last page by analogy with the first. The first and last pages of the book are secured by the cover.

Our cover is ready. You can decorate with drawings or stickers.

Book with stitched binding

A more complex and painstaking version of the book with your own hands. You can organize it in the form of a notebook for notes, you can print out any recipe and arrange them in the form of a book. For work, you can take ordinary white or colored sheets; on the Internet you can find templates for making notebooks and print them.

Step 1. Fold A4 sheets in half and form books of 3 sheets – 6 pages come out. We make the required number of blanks. The folds of the sheets must be well fixed.

Step 2. Pierce the seams. To ensure that all the holes are at the same level, it is recommended to take a rough sheet with punctures in the right places and use it as a template, placing the sheets of the future book under it. It is better to make holes with an awl or a thick needle, placing something under sheets of paper, for example, a sheet of polystyrene foam. We make holes for sewing in each sheet of the future book.

Step 3. Sew the glider. You need to take a strong thread – you can use silk threads, cotton jersey or embroidery threads. There are many ways to sew sheets. The easiest way to connect each sheet in stages is to alternately insert the needle into the holes of the same level of the first and second sheet. When securing the third and next pages of the future glider, insert the needle into the hole of the new sheet and connect it to the line of the previous sheet. Then we sew all the sheets together. At the end of each row we secure the thread with a knot. For complete fixation after the flash, glue the spine and leave under pressure for a day. We make a flyleaf: at the beginning and at the end of the block we glue a thematic sheet that will be attached to the cover.

Step 4. Making the cover. It is better to use special cardboard for the cover. We need to cut out three parts: on the sides of the notebook and along the spine. It is necessary to glue the parts together, leaving a space of half a centimeter between the sides and the spine of the notebook. For convenience, the parts can be secured in some places with tape. Cut out a rectangle from paper and glue our spine. This is our inside side of the lid where we will attach the pad.

Step 5. Decorate the lid. The easiest way to decorate a case is to cover it with fabric or leather.

Step 6. Attach the lock to the cover. Glue the second endpaper page to the cover at the beginning and end of the book.

Our diary is ready.

самодельная книга
как сделать маленькую книжку