6 best paper boat designs

Boat folding patterns for beginners (pictures inside)

And now I want to offer you a photo selection. But first, practice creating the boats described above, and only then proceed to these.

Although, maybe these diagrams will be more understandable to you and you will cope much faster than I think))

  • And a couple more simple toys

: master class “two-pipe boat” using the origami technique

Elena Puchkova

Master class “Two-pipe boat” using the origami technique

Мастер-класс «Двухтрубный кораблик» в технике «оригами»

In classes on cognitive development, the children of the preparatory group and I “travel” a lot
across countries and continents, seas and oceans. And of course, at the same time “we use”
different types of transport. Very often we have to build ships and steamships
, since water barriers in the form of seas arise on our way. We recently visited the resort cities of the Krasnodar Territory, and since the cities are located on the Black Sea coast, we needed water transport for excursions. I invited the children to try themselves in the art of origami and make a two-pipe boat

– the art of folding paper figures without scissors and glue. Origami is a Japanese word
, and it is translated as “folded paper”
. It was the Japanese who were the first to make different figures out of paper.

Using origami
Fine motor skills develop, fingers are trained, and children’s speech develops. Finger training prepares the hand for writing. The movement of the hand and fingers becomes precise and coordinated.

Master class
« Two-pipe boat

in origami technique


• Introduce children to methods of transforming a square, develop spatial orientation

• Develop the ability to act with verbal instructions from the teacher

• Develop fine motor skills

• Cultivate hard work, the ability to finish a job

We need
: Square shaped colored paper.

6 best paper boat designs

1. Find the middle of the square, mark it with a simple pencil and fold the square twice diagonally.

6 best paper boat designs
6 best paper boat designs

2. Fold all corners towards the center.

6 best paper boat designs
6 best paper boat designs

3. Turn the new square with its back side facing you and bend the corners to the middle again.

6 best paper boat designs

4. Repeat this action 2 more times.

6 best paper boat designs

5. Now we take out the pipes and stern.

6 best paper boat designs
6 best paper boat designs

6. Our boat is ready to sail

6 best paper boat designs

: master class on constructing a “steamboat with two pipes” out of paper using the origami technique in the preparatory group

Galina Babenko

Master class on paper construction using the origami technique “A steamboat with two pipes” in the preparatory group

: teach children to make a steamboat with two pipes using the origami technique



• develop the ability to follow oral instructions;

• teach various techniques for working with paper

consolidate children’s knowledge of basic geometric concepts
: square, triangle, corner, side, vertex, etc.;

• enrich the child’s vocabulary with special terms;

• create compositions with products made from paper


• develop attention, memory, logical and spatial imagination;

• develop fine motor skills of the hands and eye;

• develop artistic taste, creativity and imagination of children;

• develop in children the ability to work with their hands, accustom them to precise finger movements;

• develop spatial imagination.


• cultivate interest in paper construction

• create a work culture and improve work skills;

• teach accuracy, the ability to use materials carefully and economically, and keep the workplace in order.

Magic activity

For hands and for mind

And the perception of the world –

Wonderful country!

Fantasies are subject to

Paper sheets –

For home and as a gift

And just for the game.

But, the main wealth,

What, creating beauty,

A simple piece of paper will help

Create yourself!

Art origami – a mystery
, and it attracts every child with incredible transformations. It’s not even a trick, it’s a miracle! In a piece of paper
many images are hidden. In the hands of a child paper comes to life
. How much joy, how much delight! Children experience feelings of emotional comfort, a sense of the joy of childhood, and an incomparable feeling of satisfaction from handmade crafts. Such a toy is dear to the heart, people talk to it, play with it, and keep it carefully. Paper
toys are making more and more friends. This art has everything that would draw a child to climb to the very top of the ladder of creativity and make this climb excitingly interesting.

Today, many people all over the world are interested in art « origami

, so I, along with the children, happily immersed myself in his magical world.

For my master class, I chose a steamboat with two pipes using the classic origami technique
, in which the craft is made from a square sheet of paper without glue and scissors

Sea, seagulls, ships

They hear my whistle in the distance.

The port remained astern,

It will be a long way home.

Proudly I sail forward!

My name is …. ( steamship

Materials and equipment
: sample steamship
, made by the teacher, sheets of white square paper
, colored pencils, felt-tip pens

Model execution sequence

To complete this model of a steamer
take a square sheet of paper
. I used white paper
, for colorfulness steamers
and their variety it is necessary to use colored paper

Step 1

Fold a square sheet of paper diagonally
, ironing the fold line well. Then we fold the sheet diagonally again to mark its center using the intersection of the diagonals.

Мастер-класс по конструированию из бумаги в технике оригами «Пароход с двумя трубами» в подготовительной группе

Step 2

Fold the corners of the square to the marked center. Iron the folds well. You will get a square.

6 best paper boat designs

Step 3

Turn the square over with the laid elements facing down and once again fold the corners towards the center.

6 best paper boat designs

Step 4

Once again we turn the resulting square over and again fold its corners towards the center (in total we fold the corners of the squares towards the center three times, turning the part over each time).

6 best paper boat designs

Step 5

Turn the part over again. We bend two of the four corners, forming pipes
. Smooth out the folds.

6 best paper boat designs

Step 6

Pulling the two remaining corners, we unfold them, simultaneously folding the figure in half. Straighten the resulting steamer

6 best paper boat designs

Step 7

Steamboat with two paper pipes ready

6 best paper boat designs
6 best paper boat designs
6 best paper boat designs
6 best paper boat designs
6 best paper boat designs
6 best paper boat designs
6 best paper boat designs
6 best paper boat designs
6 best paper boat designs
6 best paper boat designs

Guys, let’s decorate your ships with stars
, we will draw portholes on the body and color them with colored pencils. Look what beautiful steamers you have made
! Just like the real thing! Let’s send them on a great journey across the seas, and we ourselves will wait for their return home! Have a nice trip, steamships

My steamship will sail

To distant lands!

The horn buzzes merrily,

And the pipe smokes

The sun is shining high,

The wind is driving the clouds,

The steamer will not catch up

No robber!

The wave is singing overboard

The song is barely audible,

And the steamer rushes

Jumping along the wave!

6 best paper boat designs

A paper boat is a wonderful craft! It develops fine motor skills (if you fold crafts carelessly, you won’t get a boat), it trains spatial thinking wonderfully, and besides, you can go outside and play with the resulting boat!



Paper boat with one sail

Take a sheet of thick paper and visually divide it into four parts. To do this, bend the square in half, and then bend each part in half again. Bend the sides towards the middle to get an even rectangle, and repeat the operation with the markings, but now horizontally.

Take the bottom of the rectangle by the corners of the sheet and form the base of the boat, as in the picture. You should end up with an inverted equilateral trapezoid, and then another similar one on top. Bend the corners of the top one along the arrows and straighten it into a shape resembling a house. All that remains is to fold it in half and hide the base behind the sides of the sailboat.

Video on how to make a two-pipe paper boat

Now let’s move on to the next option for making a craft with two pipes. And to begin with, I suggest watching a story about folding such a boat. Look carefully, it doesn’t seem complicated!!

Origami Cargo Boat

For this realistic model you will need a square of paper with different colored sides. For ease of folding, it is better to choose a size of 21×21 cm. Despite the complex design, the boat is made from one sheet.

Step by step instructions:

  • We start from the front side. Fold the square in half, indicating the central axes: vertical and horizontal.
  • Fold the opposite edges to the center line.
  • Repeat the action again.
  • And for the third time we turn the edges to the center line. We open all the folds. The square should be divided into 16 parts in the longitudinal direction.
  • Repeat steps 2 – 4 perpendicularly. Open the folds again.
  • We bend the paper boat into a “mountain” and a valley”, following the photo instructions. How many squares need to be retreated to a particular line is indicated by numbers.
  • Similarly, we make folds in the transverse direction. To avoid getting confused with the lines, it is better to mark them with a marker or pencil.
  • The red rectangle highlighted in the diagram is the center around which the remaining origami elements are grouped. This is the future wheelhouse roof.
  • We make folds according to the pointer arrows, as if “removing” the cutting from the plane of the sheet.
  • Repeat steps 8 and 9 for the lines highlighted with a marker.
  • We do the same for two more directions.
  • We highlight two intersecting stripes with folds, as shown in the figure.
  • “Close” the side walls of the boat along the dotted lines.
  • From the side we connect the two edges along the arrows and glue them together. This is the stern of the ship.
  • On the opposite side we make a fold, similar to a dart in sewing.
  • Fold the side parts of the “deck” symmetrically on both sides of the central axis. Thus, we form a sharp “nose” on the boat. We bend the lower corner of the front part. We repeat the action on the other side.
  • At the stern we “remove” the protruding corners with a reverse fold.
  • The cargo boat is ready.
  • It can be used for play or as part of an origami panorama.

Two-pipe origami boat

For this vessel you will need a square piece of paper, so cut off the excess right away. Mark the center and main lines, bending along diagonals. Then – form a half-size square from a large square, bending all the corners towards the center.

Turn the resulting rectangular rhombus over and repeat the previous step again – bend the corners to the center again. And then – the same operation for the third time. Turn the boat over again, straighten the upper and lower corners, and also move the side corners to the sides – you’re done!

Making a ship that does not sink in water

I offer you quite interesting models that are made of cardboard. Moreover, you can come up with such a miracle yourself. The main thing is that you need to find high-quality cardboard and have it be glossy on the other side. This type is usually not sold in stores; all kinds of souvenirs are packed in it.

Then ask your child to make decorations or decorate for him. In general, make it irresistibly beautiful.

Can be made from ordinary plastic cups or plates.

Oh, you can, hee hee, of course it’s a joke, and sail on such a creation across the lake yourself).

It’s also a good idea to take a milk or yogurt carton, i.e. a Tetra Pak, and use it to make a craft like this. Don’t forget the checkbox.

An excellent option is to use a plastic bottle, it will never sink and such a boat will serve you for a very long time.

By the way, they also make structures from foam plastic and other improvised means.

Instructions for folding an origami steamer

Take a square piece of paper and fold it diagonally.

Then we make a bend line; to do this, bend the lower corner of the workpiece up, slightly obliquely, as in the figure below.

And, turn the corner back.

Now, following the bend line you made, fold the bottom corner inward so that you have a steamer deckhouse.

All that remains is to draw the shape of the cutting and cut it out.

Origami Steamboat – READY! You can also draw portholes and color it.

For a more complete understanding of the process of folding crafts, we suggest watching the video master class “How to make an origami steamship.”

What, you haven’t read it yet? Well, it’s in vain…

How to “revive” a toy

To fold the toy, it is not necessary to take a standard sheet. If, for example, you want to make a huge steamship out of paper, you can even take a large Whatman paper. But in gaming applications, it is not only the size that is important, but also how to make the ship look real. And here everything depends solely on your imagination:

Did you like folding the steamboat? Now you can captivate children for a long time with an interesting learning process in a playful way. And if they have already understood everything and have lost interest in this craft, tell them how to make a real airplane out of paper that flies far and for a long time – the children’s delight will know no bounds.

How to fold a paper boat that doesn’t sink in water

Of course, any paper that comes into contact with water becomes soft and sinks. But there are a couple of secrets to avoid a shipwreck and our craft did not sink, but floated!!

For a finished paper boat, be sure to lubricate the outside of the bottom with special oil, such as Vaseline, thanks to which water will be repelled!!

And in order for the toy to float faster, it is better to make an additional sail.

Manufacturing process:

1. Make a square out of paper. Bend it diagonally.

2. Fold a narrow strip of the upper right side onto the surface of the triangle and iron it thoroughly.

3. Fold the same strip back and iron it thoroughly again.

4. All that remains is to unfold the square and give it a shape.

Of course, if this is your first time folding such a product, difficulties may arise, so I recommend watching another video, it shows one of the ways to make a paper ship with a sail.

How to decorate a paper boat?

You can use multi-colored paper, thick packaging or special origami sheets. Of course, the boat can be painted and decorated with paints or felt-tip pens. Attach masts from toothpicks, decorate them with thin ribbons or flags. Imagine!

Classic model

For the boat “from childhood” you will need an A4 landscape sheet. You can also take a notebook, it has the same proportions. If the model is intended for children’s play and “swimming”, it is best to use office paper, and make decorative interior elements from craft or “kami” with a print.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Place the sheet vertically, wrong side up.
  • Fold the bottom edge to the top.
  • Bend the right corner towards the left and make a small mark.
  • Open the blank.
  • Focusing on the fold from step 3, lift the right and left corners up. They should “meet” in the middle.
  • Iron the fold lines well.
  • Turn the workpiece 180°.
  • Fold the bottom edge of the near layer along the line of the base of the triangle.
  • Turn the workpiece over to the reverse side.
  • Repeat step 8.
  • Open the fold we just made and bend the right corner.
  • Repeat the same action on the left.
  • Return the lower part to its previous position.
  • Opening the boat from the inside.
  • And flatten it in the transverse direction.
  • We “tuck” the protruding corner on the left under the right valve. We do the same on the reverse side.
  • Fold the middle layer in half from bottom to top.
  • Repeat step 17 on the back.
  • Turn the model sideways towards you. Let’s open it from the inside.
  • And flatten as in step 15.
  • Take the right and left valves and pull in opposite directions.
  • When the figure takes the shape of a boat, carefully iron all the folds to fix them.
  • Bend the central parts of the sides a little so that the triangle inside is visible. It depicts a sail.
  • If you turn the boat over and open the central part, it will stand stably on a flat surface.

Origami boats assembled according to these step-by-step instructions are an excellent decor for a budget wedding in a nautical or beach style (see photo). The model can be decorated with a toothpick mast and a flag on which a wish will be written to the newlyweds or the name of the guest at the table.

Paper boat for little ones

This is almost a real sailboat, but it’s easy enough to make even for little ones. Take a paper square and, for convenience, turn it at an angle to the top. At this angle, bend the sides towards the axial vertical. Fold the bottom triangle-base along their edge, and then bend it again to form the side.

Paper boat step by step: origami boat from childhood

Кораблик из бумаги

Detailed instructions with photos, a simple paper boat for children and more.

I learned to make this origami boat as a child. In early spring, with the appearance of streams, we mercilessly tore off the leaves from our notebooks to make a paper boat and compete on its speed or range. I can make it at any time, even with my eyes closed. Until now, when I am forced to wait for something, if a rectangular leaf falls into my hands, it immediately turns into a boat, to the delight of my children or those around me. I hope I have convinced you of the importance of the ability to make origami
boat? smile
Then let’s get to work.

Prepare a rectangular piece of paper. The size can be absolutely any.

Кораблик из бумаги

Fold it in half.

Кораблик из бумаги

The next step is optional, it only serves to determine the middle. But at the initial stage you can turn it on. Fold the paper again, for example, from right to left.

Кораблик из бумаги

Open the paper, fold the right and left corners down, aligning the sides with the fold in the middle.

Кораблик из бумаги

There will be double paper at the bottom, take the top one and also point it up, making a fold along the underside of the corners.

Кораблик из бумаги

Do the same steps with the bottom of the paper on the reverse side.

Кораблик из бумаги

If there is excess on the sides, fold the corners into the middle on one side.

Кораблик из бумаги

On the other.

Кораблик из бумаги

Open the sides at the bottom of the resulting triangle.

Кораблик из бумаги

Carefully connect the right and left corners together.

Кораблик из бумаги

There will again be two pieces of folded paper at the bottom, fold one side up.

Кораблик из бумаги

Then the second one, connecting the lower corner with the upper one.

Кораблик из бумаги

And again we have a triangle. You also need to do the same actions with him as last time. Open its doors slightly at the bottom.

Кораблик из бумаги

Open it further and connect the opposite corners.

Кораблик из бумаги

Two triangles are formed on the sides. Pull them to the sides.

Кораблик из бумаги

Stretch it completely, straightening it with your fingers and bending the sides. That’s it, the origami paper boat is ready. Despite the long description, it can be done in a matter of seconds. The main thing is a little practice and remembering the sequence of actions.

Кораблик из бумаги

оригами кораблик

The flag is made from a toothpick and a rectangular piece of paper glued to it, with slits on one side.

Кораблик из бумаги

A boat made of colored paper

This most popular summer-themed craft can be created not only using the origami technique. This master class features such a bright sailboat!

Required materials:

  • colored semi-cardboard in red, yellow and blue;
  • skewer;
  • glue;
  • scissors;
  • ruler;
  • marker;
  • pencil.

Create the frame of a sailboat. To do this, take blue half-cardboard and cut out two identical strips with dimensions of 18 x 2.5 cm. 6 best paper boat designs

Using a ruler and pencil, divide each strip into three equal parts. We bend in those places.

Glue the two parts of the boat base together along the sides.

Next we will create a small part of the ship’s deck. We use blue half-cardboard again.

Cut out a small rectangle. We measure 1.5 cm from the sides for gluing.

Bend along vertical lines and glue the part into the middle of the ship between the bases.

Now we will prepare a wooden skewer and two pieces of yellow sheet of different lengths to create sails.

Create small holes in each rectangle. We insert a skewer through them.

Cut out a small square from a red sheet. Glue it to the deck. We make a small hole along the diameter of the wide part of the skewer. We insert it.

Now we cut out a beautiful flag from a red sheet that will flutter in the wind. Use a black marker to highlight the contour lines.

Glue the flag to the highest point of the sailboat.

Using a black marker we draw in the portholes and other important details on the paper boat.

A wonderful paper boat is ready for sea voyages! On the deck you can place small toys of pirates, sailors and the ship’s captain.

Making an applique – paper boat

Another craft option.

See a detailed master class on paper boat applique here.


Two bills can be used to make a sampan boat, a type of flatboat with a canopy that is widespread in China. These small boats amaze with their versatility, depending on the needs of the owners, turning into housing, a mobile shop, a fishing “trawler” or a workshop.

Step by step instructions:

  • Place the bill with the long side facing you. Fold in half from bottom to top. Let’s reveal.
  • Fold the bottom and top edges towards the center.
  • Bend all corners towards the center line.
  • Repeat the action again. We make sure that all folds are precise and neat.
  • Fold the corners again. The edges should lie evenly along the center line.
  • Now fold the triangular flaps at the top and bottom towards the center.
  • We push all the folds along the horizontal axis.
  • Carefully turn the workpiece inside out until the inside becomes a convex bottom.

To make a canopy, just fold another bill in half twice. We insert its ends into the side edges of the boat.

Another traditional Chinese vessel is often assembled using the origami technique. This is a sailing ship known as a junk. Light and maneuverable ships with two or more masts first appeared in the early Middle Ages and have survived almost unchanged to the present day. They can often be found on the rivers of China, as well as neighboring Vietnam and Korea.

A Chinese boat made of paper floats no worse than its real prototype. You can easily verify this by making it yourself step by step using the video tutorial:

Origami boat from A4 sheet

Now let’s look at some more diagrams, for example, how to make a real paper steamship yourself easily and quickly.

There is such a diagram, I think it will be a little complicated for beginners, but I’ll show you anyway.

I tried to fold it myself, and this is what came out, it’s great and, in my opinion, not difficult.

The kids decorated it.

Here’s another look at the steamer we made before, only its design is a little different. We got two pipes, tu-tu.

By the way, even an ordinary boat can be decorated in an interesting way, take a look, this is like the first option.

You can build a boat with two seats. How? But how, see the step-by-step instructions and repeat. Isn’t it brilliant?

The first was with a sailboat, and the second was without it.

Another option caught my eye.

Well, here are all my good and beloved friends! Make a bunch of these creations, play with your children and smile more often. Good luck to everyone and see you again! Bye bye!

Original options for folding a ship – video tutorials

Ship with a sail using origami technique

Paper boat

Original sailboat

Almost all patterns for assembling paper boats are not complicated. And with a little practice, you can make them without a diagram. Today there are a great variety of different options for assembling sailboats that a child of any age can master. To do this, you will need various training materials, which today are presented in the form of diagrams, instructions and videos.

This exciting activity will bring pleasure not only to kids, but also to adults. With the onset of spring, children quickly run outside to play, setting their paper fleet afloat. Made from simple materials, they become a simple and accessible game.

Read how to make a diaper cake here.

DIY sailboat

The origami technique involves turning a simple sheet of paper into various crafts. As a rule, a square is used for this. This is exactly the form we need to take to create the next craft.

This master class presents step-by-step production of a ship with a sail.

Let’s prepare for work:

  • square sheet;
  • glue stick.

Let’s start making the boat by folding the square in half in two directions. This way we will outline the necessary folds for further work.

Now we bend the lower and upper parts of the workpiece towards the middle line.

The sides also need to be folded towards the middle.

To create the sides, you need to straighten the corners and give them a different shape. We begin to straighten the upper right corner, smooth out its lower fold diagonally.

Smooth the top of the workpiece. This is how we formed one of the corners.

Similarly, straighten the lower right corner.

The left side should be done in the same way. This is how we formed the sides.

In order for our craft to look like a ship, you need to take it with your hands and pull the halves in different directions – the left one away from you, and the right one towards you. As a result, the workpiece should take the following form.

Turn the lower protruding corner to the right and place it horizontally.

The bow requires a little gluing, connecting the starboard and port sides together.

Our boat with a sail is ready!

Sailboats, boats and steamships

In addition to the classic origami boat, there are many alternative designs. Western designers are in demand for a sailboat, which is used in wedding table decor. Despite its two-dimensionality, the model can stand on its own thanks to the folded lower part. This significantly expands the range of its application. But you can’t send such a sailboat on a voyage.

A two-pipe steamer, on the contrary, floats quite well on the water. And it folds very easily based on the basic “Pancake” shape. This is probably why the steamboat has become a favorite of preschool children and is catching up in popularity with its “classic” brother.

Even if such a boat is sent sailing, it is only on the table. It will become a decoration for children’s parties, acting as a disposable tableware for sweets.

Modified variety – motor boat.

A sailboat based on the basic “Catamaran” shape. It looks a bit like a Chinese junk. Recommended for decorating cards.

Another nice steamer that can be both voluminous and flat. It is better not to put it on the water – it will capsize and quickly sink.

A step-by-step video tutorial will tell you how to make a paper boat with your own hands.

Simple paper boat folding patterns

Now you can use another guide to make a bunch of other and brand new models.

1. Take a square shaped sheet and fold it like this.

2. Fold each corner diagonally to form a triangle.

3. You will get a figure like this.

4. Do the following action.

5. And then fold and iron the corners on both sides to the center line.

6. Almost everything is ready, just a little work remains. Namely, expand the figure.

7. Use your fingers to open and gently press everything against the walls of the boat.

8. It turned out to be such an interesting and funny toy, the kids will be delighted. Place your favorite cartoon characters in it and have fun playing with your child.

If, in short, or in general, you have already learned how to make such a boat, but at some stage you forgot, I am ready to offer you such a small diagram, which you will definitely remember, copy it to your desktop so that not forget))).

You can also make such a boat, it also resembles a closed boat. The diagram should be read from left to right. She swims perfectly in the stream and does not drown.

I think that even if there is a storm, such a toy will cope with it.

We recommend watching:

6 best paper boat designs
DIY paper boat. Master class with photos

6 best paper boat designs
How to make a mat from colored paper with your own hands step by step with photos

6 best paper boat designs
DIY paper craft for children 5-7 years old: Little Humpbacked Horse. Master class with step-by-step photos

6 best paper boat designs
Application made of colored paper for children of the middle group of kindergarten “Rainbow after the rain”. Master cla


You just want to send a boat made with your own hands to sail. However, water quickly destroys the paper toy, and with it the pleasure of the work done. To prevent this from happening, apply a protective coating. It will also allow you to turn miniature origami ships into stylish jewelry, which is among the top fashion trends today.

Can be used:

  1. Transparent nail polish. It is ideal for paper decorations using the origami technique – boats are often used as pendants.
  2. Natural wax. This option is preferable for models that will float. Wax paper does not absorb water, and besides, it practically does not burn; it is not without reason that it is used in baking. The wax needs to be melted and then applied to open surfaces with a wide brush.
  3. Acrylic aerosol varnish. Effectively protects paper from contact with water. For reliability, you need to spray it in 2 – 3 layers.
  4. Waterproof materials. Some types of paper – for example, cartographic or coated label paper – are not afraid of moisture, do not deform and dry quickly. At the same time, they hold complex folds well and do not subsequently open up. Covers of glossy magazines, which are usually covered with moisture-resistant plastic film or special varnish, are also suitable.
  5. Plasti Dip. Liquid rubber for covering cars is also suitable as a protection for paper and plastic. Plasti Dip compounds cannot be used to process small parts, but if the boat is made from A4 sheet or larger, this is just what you need.