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Give a bouquet of money because:

  1. Giving money, especially creatively designed ones, is a good omen. To improve the well-being of the couple, the money bouquet should be presented by the man;
  2. You can make a bouquet of money for a wedding with your own hands. This way you will save on the services of craftsmen and, perhaps, discover your love for handicrafts;
  3. An originally designed gift will emphasize your love and respect for your newlyweds;
  4. The non-trivial money presented will certainly be remembered by the newlyweds for a long time. With such a bouquet, the newlyweds will definitely take a couple of photos for the family archive;
  5. Until the last moment, the intrigue will be maintained as to how much you gave to the young people. And they will only find out by carefully sorting out the carefully folded and twisted bills.

Fortunately for needlewomen, there are currently a huge number of master classes that will tell you step by step how to make an original wedding gift.

When making a bouquet of money with your own hands, you can use banknotes of any denomination. It all depends only on your financial capabilities and desire to please your newly-made family.

By the way, if you are still afraid of ruining the banknotes, then an unusual bouquet of money can be made from counterfeit pieces of paper. No one will notice the substitution in the photo, but the real money is in the envelope and in the hands of the young people.

A bouquet of money is a very original gift. And even when souvenir bills are used in the composition instead of real banknotes, the appearance of the bouquet is mesmerizing. With such a gift there is no shame in going to a wedding or any other occasion. A bouquet of money is an original gift for thrifty men who dream of wealth.

This craft can be made from real banknotes. But we advise you to first practice “on cats”, that is, on souvenir banknotes. Moreover, working with counterfeit banknotes will be easier – a rose from money can be made non-separable. So, let’s start with the flowers for the money bouquet.

Prepare steel wire, banknotes, glue gun and plain paper (newspaper is fine).

How to organize a business?

The formal part of the matter, without which, in fact, your idea will not be able to receive the status of an official business idea. Any trade, be it a service or a product, must be registered with the tax authorities.

A couple of bouquets for friends is not a reason to confess to the tax authorities, but when the business expands and production becomes “on the conveyor belt”, earnings will rise sharply. This is where the friction with government agencies regarding contributions to the treasury will begin.

Key points on business registration:

  • OKVED – 36.63.7. “Manufacture of other products” is described, since there is no narrowly focused code specifically for non-standard bouquets of money in the system;
  • the optimal form of business is individual entrepreneurship (IP);
  • in order to avoid conducting strict business studies, you should choose a simplified taxation system (STS);
  • the business is not subject to licensing; special permits are also not required for it.

It makes sense to officially register a business only after exceeding the monthly earnings mark of 10,000 rubles. Smaller scales are difficult to regard as a full-fledged business – it’s more of an informal part-time job, and you can do it after your main working day at your main place.

Bouquet for the birthday boy

For a birthday, it is enough to present a “modest” composition of 3 money roses to pamper the hero of the occasion. The design in this case is simple but elegant. It is advisable to use some bright plants that refresh the meager range of paper money.

It is better to supplement the composition with artificial greenery and flowers; live ones emit moisture, which is harmful to banknotes.

  • rubber bands;
  • container stems for orchids;
  • paper napkins;
  • tape;
  • organza, narrow matching satin ribbon.

If you have convenient and inexpensive containers for orchids on hand, they can also be used as a base for money buds. This time the roses will have a narrow goblet shape and will require only 3 to 4 banknotes. The containers must first be wrapped in a napkin and secured with tape. This simple technique will increase the diameter of the base and the “money” petals will not have to be bent much.

The manufacturing technology is still the same: we twist the corners of the banknote, fold the first blank in half, the rest slightly obliquely and attach it layer by layer to the container using rubber bands.

Cut out a square of organza 2 times the size of the flower. We make a cuff like a pound and tie it with a narrow satin braid. Organza can be replaced with corrugated paper or floral tracing paper.

We assemble a bouquet composition using the spiral technique, adding artificial greenery and chrysanthemums to the money flowers. Beautifully packaged in organza or transparent film with an openwork pattern and tied with a lush bow.

Or another option: create a cute arrangement in a basket, securing all the components to a floral sponge.

Bouquet of money roses in a basket, ideas with photos and explanation

Option 1


  • Banknotes
  • Scissors
  • Wire
  • Cart
  • Sponge
  • Artificial greenery

Work progress:

  1. Make roses. Crumple the bill and secure it in the center with a thin wire. p1070598-768x1024
  2. Twist the ends on both sides, using your hands or a toothpick. Prepare several more similar banknotes using the same principle. p1070599-768x1024
  3. Twist the fifth bill in the middle with a thicker wire, this will be the stem. p1070603-768x1024
  4. Assemble the rose by placing the petal blanks on top of each other and twisting the wire together on the reverse side. p1070604-768x1024
  5. If everything is done correctly, you will get a bud like this. p1070616-768x1024
  6. Stick the resulting flowers into the sponge and place the sponge in the basket. Cover with artificial greenery. buket1

Option 2


  • Banknotes
  • Champagne or wine corks
  • Stationery erasers
  • Knife
  • Wire
  • Polystyrene foam

Work progress:

  1. Attach a cork to the wire. Prepare the required number of such bases. First cut each cork as shown in the photo.
  2. Fold the bill in half, wrap the ends. Thread an elastic band through its center and secure it to the first tier of corks. 1382625101_tutdizain-ru_4463
  3. Now sequentially attach banknotes to each tier, forming a bud.
  4. You will get cute roses that need to be secured inside the basket by inserting them into foam. If desired, you can place a candy in the center of each. 1382625135_tutdizain-ru_4464-1

A money bouquet will be an unusual and original holiday gift. When assembling the bouquet, be careful not to damage the bill itself; work carefully with glue and wire. Money is a great gift, but if it is beautifully decorated, then accepting it is doubly pleasant.

Bouquets for various holidays

All money bouquets for all important holidays are made using the same technique, but the decor of these products in this version plays a serious and, perhaps, the main role.

Everyone understands that the decor of a New Year’s gift will differ from the gift for the wedding ceremony. A money bouquet, the creation technology of which we discussed earlier, can be an excellent present for a birthday.

Букет из денег своими руками
colored bills can be purchased
. And depending on whether you want to give such a gift to a young man or a girl, choose one or another color scheme of banknotes.

For girls, it is considered more appropriate to use light and delicate tones, and for men, on the contrary, although it all depends on the taste of a particular person.

If you want to give such a product to someone for a wedding, it is better to experiment. A bouquet of live roses and chrysanthemums made from real banknotes will look very interesting.

How to make flowers out of money with your own hands, step-by-step instructions for beginners. In order to make one chrysanthemum we need:

  • 3 bills;
  • small wire;
  • decorations for decorating the product.

Chrysanthemum leaves are made in the following way:

  • A bill is taken, the lower and upper left, as well as the lower and upper right edges are folded upward so that four triangular figures are obtained (we get a piece of paper with triangle-shaped edges bent upward to the banknote).
  • Then the bottom and top edges need to be folded up the bill to half the banknote.
  • After creating the money, you need to bend it in half along its entire width.

When three such products are ready:

  • combine them together, throwing one on one;
  • secure with wire in the center;
  • straighten the leaves;
  • Create a stem from twisted wire.

At the end, the stem is secured under the bottom of the flower to the wire that holds the flower itself. Our craft is done, then you can collect a separate bouquet of chrysanthemums, or combine fresh roses and money flowers.

How often do we, spoiled by the abundance of goods, have to rack our brains over choosing a gift. And more and more often we opt for a modest envelope included with a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates. And although the rules of etiquette do not welcome such gifts, often an envelope with money becomes the only possible compromise.

And if you are going to give someone a gift in the form of money, then do not rush to buy an envelope, but rather stock up on new crisp bills of various denominations, the amount of which should be equal to the value of your monetary gift. Because you and I will make a festive bouquet out of money.

And we will make the flowers for this bouquet with our own hands from banknotes. In a word, an original gift, made with your own hands, but at the same time universal. You can give a money bouquet for a wedding or anniversary, and you can make it in rubles or foreign currency. So, let’s stock up on the necessary materials and begin to make another handmade masterpiece with our own hands.

  1. Materials
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Making a bouquet

Money Tree

A houseplant additionally decorated with banknotes looks beautiful. This creates two gifts: the plant itself and money.

A blooming cactus with such an addition or a small tangerine tree, on which, in addition to bright fruits, also hangs money, looks good.

Букет из денег своими руками

Money is the best gift that can be used when you don’t know a person’s taste or are aware of his financial difficulties. Give them in an unusual, creative way, the gratitude will never end!

Do you want to give an original gift to a loved one? – then make a bouquet of money with your own hands. This is a super unusual gift, and it combines several gifts at once, so you can refuse any additions.

Not long ago, the greatest popularity was in bouquets of candy. Both ideas are similar in meaning, and the money bouquet can be supplemented with sweets, so the gift will become even more pleasant.

If you are interested in how to make flowers from candy, then read the many master classes on our website. There are many variations of bouquets, choose the best option for your gift. Please note that the composition of the bouquet will depend on the time of year when you make it.

You understand that in the summer you cannot give a bouquet of chocolates as a gift, since the chocolates will melt before they are presented to the birthday person. For the summer, it is better to make bouquets of lollipops and lollipops. In a word, we take into account everything that will not melt in the merciless heat.

Of course, a bouquet (a master class of sweets is on our website) is the best gift option. For some reason, many people have a strong idea that this kind of gift can only be given to a representative of the fairer sex. Of course, if the guy doesn’t like sweets, you should refuse such a gift.

The same applies to girls who do not have a sweet tooth or are on diets. Don’t forget about contraindications. It often happens that sweets cause an allergic rash. Such a reaction is rare, but still you should not forget about it.

So, if there are none of the above reasons, then there is no reason to worry or abandon your idea. Moreover, for a guy you can collect a bouquet in the form of a figure of a car, a motorcycle, a basketball or any other symbol of his favorite hobby.

A bouquet of money with your own hands (master class) is more original. It differs from a regular candy bouquet in that it contains delicately inserted banknotes. What kind of banknotes they will be in terms of equivalent and currency is up to you to decide. Of course, if the bouquet consists only of small bills, the birthday boy will think that you do not value him very much, and may perceive this gift as an insult.

If you plan to make a bouquet of money with your own hands for children, then it is better to use coins in the bouquet. By the way, bouquets made from chocolate coins are very exquisite. The child will have time to admire and savor the delicious pennies.

We gave you a short master class on how to make a bouquet of money with your own hands. As you understand, everything is very simple: we take paper, fishing line, candies, banknotes and other necessary components and form a bouquet. With a little practice and skill, you will be a true master at making holiday souvenirs.

Money bouquet for an anniversary, ideas with photos

  1. Make a bouquet mixed from real roses and roses from banknotes. 3
  2. Fold the bills like an accordion, bend them in half and secure them in the bouquet. It will turn out lush and unusual. 10076-398x650-1488460322

DIY money bouquet for a birthday, ideas with photos


  1. Roll the banknotes into a tube and secure them to a wooden skewer using a rubber band.
  2. Tie the skewers with an elastic band and wrap them in wrapping paper. You can add artificial greenery, beads or other decorative elements to the bouquet. 10065-433x650-1494403679


  1. It is necessary to string small chocolates onto skewers and wrap them in banknotes, connecting the bills with a paper clip on the back side.
  2. Place the sweet medals on skewers too.
  3. Tie the skewers, wrap them in thick paper, securing the banknotes in a circle of wrapping paper. 895099fb50201bb3917ef65ade7b63ed

Money topiary

  1. Buy a foam ball base, which you secure in the pot with a few wooden skewers. Decorate the skewers by wrapping them in rope.
  2. Roll the bills into a tube and tie them with a rope. Attach a paper clip to the rope. Bend one end and insert it into the foam base.
  3. Make many of these tubes to fill the entire foam base.
  4. Decorate the topiary as desired. 10075-420x650-1488460322

DIY money bouquet step by step guide


  • Paper banknotes
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Wire 1.5 mm and 0.5 mm or wooden skewers
  • White thick paper
  • Stationery eraser
  • Scotch tape

Work progress:

  1. Prepare the base by folding a white piece of construction paper four times. Cut along the fold line to create four separate sheets. Roll the pieces into a tube using a pencil and secure them with tape.
  2. Form petals for the buds by curling each corner of the paper bill with a toothpick.
  3. Now fold the bill in half. Place a rubber band over the fold. Place a banknote on the tube blank, wrapping it around it. Secure carefully with wire so as not to damage the bill.
  4. Wrap the next bill on a tube, forming a petal. Regulate the splendor of the bud yourself by the number of bills.
  5. Form the remaining flowers in a similar way.
  6. Use wire or wooden skewers for the stem. Apply glue to the paper base and wood (or wire) to secure it. Make sure that the glue does not get on the banknotes and damage them.
  7. Use a sponge under the base, into which insert wire or skewers with flowers at the ends. Wrap in bills or wrapping paper. dengi

Ideas for product design

Sometimes photos of bouquets made of money simply amaze with their design, beauty and luxury. The original arrangement of money flowers guarantees a unique look to the product. In addition to the formation of the composition, the type of flower is of great importance for the appearance of the product.

In addition to standard roses, you can make lilies, daisies, calla lilies, carnations and other flowers from banknotes. Flowers of various types are successfully combined. Roses made using different techniques can be used in one composition.

Multi-tiered bouquets look chic and rich. Such a bouquet of money must be durable, so each unit is fixed in a foam block, which is then covered with wrapping and other decorations. If you use a lot of greenery in the process of creating the composition, the bouquet will turn out lush and bright.

You can talk endlessly about gifts. Some people traditionally consider a book to be the best gift, others like things made with their own hands, others prefer to give and receive money as a gift. The latest trend is gaining momentum, because in this way we solve the problem of finding a gift for ourselves and unnecessary things for the heroes of the occasion.

But how to present this gift beautifully and originally? As a rule, money is invested in envelopes or postcards. Universal, but banal and boring. We bring to your attention an interesting idea for playing with such a gift – a bouquet of money made with your own hands.

How to make a money bouquet, ideas

Bouquet of balloons with money

  1. Inflate several long balloons, then deflate them a little.
  2. Place a bill into the round transparent ball. Inflate the balloon with air. Tie the ball.
  3. Inflate several balloons partially and form a flower. maxresdefault-1-1

Bouquet of sweets and money

  1. Buy round candies so that they don’t have tails.
  2. Make roses from banknotes in advance.
  3. Thread the candy onto a skewer, wrapping it in banknotes.
  4. Tie the skewers with thread and wrap them in corrugated paper. c19b8b47e59f50b69a997dce26fj-tsvety-floristika-buket-iz-deneg


Roses are universal flowers. And thanks to their special structure and shape of the petals, it is roses that needlewomen try to reproduce by creating artificial flowers with their own hands. Roses are made from fabric, plastic, paper. And we will make roses from banknotes.

  • banknotes (the newer and denser the better);
  • corks (real cork) from wine bottles or foam blanks;
  • toothpick or thin knitting needle;
  • rubber bands for money (bank rubber band);
  • wire for stems or artificial flowers on stems;
  • floral tape or colored paper to disguise the wire;
  • ribbons, braid and other decorations for decorating a bouquet.

It must be said that you can make money flowers with equal success both from ruble bills and from money from any other countries. By the way, to make a souvenir money tree it is not necessary to use real banknotes: you can make color photocopies of them.

The principle of creating a bouquet of money

If working with money using such a technique inspires fears about damage to banknotes, then it’s worth practicing on souvenir money. After the flowers are ready, you can begin making cuttings, leaves and auxiliary decor.

Additionally, a bead or candy can be placed in the middle of the “banknote” flower. The principle of fastening is the same as for banknotes. To make a bouquet of money look like a real one, it is worth considering how to decorate the cuttings. They can be created in accordance with the following scheme:

  1. The twisted wire under the banknotes should be wrapped with green finishing material: satin ribbons, threads, strips of fabric, corrugated paper.
  2. If you bend the wire a little in some places, you can emit rose thorns.
  3. Leaves from an artificial bouquet can be screwed to the wire as you work.
  4. You can hide the wire in plastic artificial flower stems.
  5. Then the finished flowers can be packed in gift paper and tied with a satin ribbon.

You need to know how to make a bouquet of money more natural so that the gift turns out attractive and bright. Experienced craftsmen prepare the stems using the papier-mâché technique or treat the wire with green polymer clay.

The meaning of a gift

Money, of course, is an excellent present for the whole family. But it’s just putting the bills in a card, saying a standard speech and going to your desk. Such a congratulation, unfortunately, will not be remembered by people. So why not use your imagination and figure out how to make a bouquet out of money? The main advantages of such a gift:

  • Букет из денег своими руками
    Giving money, especially unusually designed ones, is a wonderful omen. To improve the financial situation of the family, a man should give a money bouquet.
  • You can make a bouquet of banknotes for a wedding yourself. This way, you will spend less money on the services of masters and, perhaps, discover new talents in yourself.
  • An unusually designed gift will emphasize your good attitude towards young people. Unlike candy, money will not spoil.
  • Originally donated money will be remembered by everyone for a long time. With such a gift, the bride and groom will definitely take several photographs.
  • The intrigue will remain until the end as to how much money you actually deposited.

Fortunately for craftswomen, at the moment there are a large number of lessons that will tell you in detail how to make a unique wedding present.

When creating a bouquet of money, you can take banknotes of any kind.

Topiary that attracts wealth

You can give a real money tree as a gift for a wedding or housewarming. According to beliefs, it will attract prosperity and prosperity to the house. Be that as it may, the owners of such an exclusive product will always have the opportunity to pick a flower or two if they don’t have enough money before payday.

Often topiary is made from souvenir banknotes. In this case, it is used as a financial talisman, displayed in the office or living room. Banknotes that serve a purely decorative role can be cut and glued together for ease and speed of assembly.

In this case, roses made from souvenir dollars, which have a characteristic dark green tint, look most elegant.

  • about 100 paper rosebuds (each will cost 1 souvenir dollar);
  • foam ball D10 cm;
  • artificial spray roses, sugar berries and greenery;
  • soft green yarn;
  • a suitable branch or snag, cleared of bark – the “trunk” of a tree;
  • sisal;
  • building gypsum;
  • decorative pot;
  • heat gun.

The tree turns out to be small, only 33 cm in height. If you make topiary from real money, its proportions will be different. The diameter of the ball will have to be taken to the minimum, and the number of flowers from banknotes will have to be reduced, covering the voids between them with artificial leaves, berries and buds. Although it all depends on the denomination of the bills used.

We begin assembling the miracle tree to attract finance by fixing the trunk. Directly in the pot from which the topiary will “grow”, mix plaster with water in a 2:1 ratio. The consistency of the mixture resembles thick sour cream.

Be sure to add pieces of foam or sponge to the pot so that the plaster has room to expand when hardening. Otherwise, the plastic container may burst.

When the plaster begins to “set”, insert a “trunk” branch in the center of the pot, remove all the gaps and leave until it sets completely. It is best not to touch the topiary base for 24 hours.

Once the plaster has completely hardened, you can attach the money tree crown ball. We make a hole in the foam for the branch and “sit” the workpiece on the glue. Wrap the ball with yarn. This creates the effect of moss or young green foliage and helps to perfectly cover the base from prying eyes.

We attach flowers from dollars. If you are using souvenir products, glue them directly to the base with a hot-melt gun. Real money roses should have short stems. We add decor from artificial greenery, berries and small inflorescences.

We mask the plaster with sisal fiber, securing it with hot glue. You can add artificial vegetation, coins, rolled up dollars.

Food floristry with a surprise

It is also possible to preserve the smoothness and novelty of rubles or currency and at the same time create an original composition with their “participation”. Today’s trendy food floristry will come to the rescue. Adding some cash to the fruit to buy, for example, even more goodies is a great idea. And it’s not at all difficult to realize such a money bouquet, guided by the step-by-step photos below.

  • fruits that do not get dirty: citrus fruits, firm apples or pears;
  • decorative greenery, in this case ruscus:
  • bamboo skewers, paper clips, twine;
  • tape, heat gun, scissors, tape, stationery knife;
  • packaging crepe and laminated felt;
  • yellow satin ribbon 2.5 cm wide.

We pierce the washed and thoroughly wiped lemons onto skewers. It is better to take 2 – 3 holders so that the fruits do not fall under their own weight.

Skewers should be placed at a slight angle to each other. When they are brought together a little when fastening, the fruit will be held tighter, as if in a vice.

Ruscus is used to decorate the composition. This is one of the most decorative types of greenery, which is highly durable and can go without water for a long time, maintaining its freshness. We separate the leaves of the plant from the stem and attach several pieces to the tops of the skewers. Secure with tape. We leave some of the branches unchanged.

You will also need skewers to attach the money. We split their tops with a stationery knife by 1 – 1.5 cm and insert a paper clip into the resulting hole. Fill the cut with hot glue. It will prevent the skewer from cracking further and the paper clip from falling out.

Insert the banknote into the holder with the narrow side. You can also fold it in half at an angle, as when making money rose petals, and secure it in this position.

All components are prepared, you can start assembling the composition. We lay out three lemons in a row and connect their holders with tape. The second tier will consist of 4 fruits, and the third will be the lowest of the two.

Add straightened banknotes, “framing” them with the central part of the lemons. The main component of this unusual arrangement should be clearly visible. We place folded money between the fruits. Add greenery to make the composition symmetrical and balanced. Long branches will form the “backdrop” of the bouquet, and leaves on skewers will, in turn, take their place among the lemons.

We wrap all holders several times with wide tape. Trim the skewers to the same length. We literally wrap their ends in tape so that the points do not hurt our hands.

For packaging you will need black laminated felt, 47×47 cm in size, and yellow crepe 50×50 cm. Dark colors are the leading trend of the latest season, introduced into fashion by Korean florists. In combination with bright contrasting shades, they do not look gloomy, but fresh and creative.

Place the felt on top of the crepe so that a yellow stripe forms around the perimeter. We arrange the arrangement diagonally. We create a kind of open envelope from felt, folding first the bottom corner, then the side corners crosswise. We slightly press the material around the stems and fix the twine.

We do the same with yellow crepe. It almost completely covers the felt. We act carefully, since corrugated sheets are easily wrinkled. Once again we tie the stems with twine. Separately, wrap the handle with black felt. And we tie the composition with a satin ribbon with a lush bow.

A million is often jokingly called a “lemon.” A beautiful arrangement will involuntarily evoke the corresponding associations and will definitely attract the right amount of cash into the house.